September 12, 2008

Sterling Silver Lining for Shops

By lowri turner

There was one upside to the shambles of a terrorism trial that concluded this week. We finally have an explanation for the palaver at airports that sees mums having to taste baby milk, dads stowing car keys with electronic fobs in the hold and everyone chucking away perfectly good soft drinks because you can't take them airside.

I had thought it was all a dastardly plot to get us to buy bottles of water at WH Smith in the departure lounge. Now, we learn that those on trial had apparently planned to hide explosives in soft drinks, using MP3 players to detonate them.

There is method in the airport security madness.

Even so, I'd love to know how much profits at all the airport shops has gone up since the new tighter security rules were brought in. It must be trillions.

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