September 13, 2008

Holiday Plans Up in the Air


Hundreds of holidaymakers have been left up in the air after another airline went bust.

Futura Airlines, which operates three routes from Humberside Airport, has folded due to rising fuel costs.

This could leave hundreds of holidaymakers stranded abroad and at home as flights dry up.

The news comes just weeks after UK-Canadian outfit Zoom suspended all flights after going in administration.

Futura flies passengers between Humberside and Los Palmos, Tenerife and Manon on behalf of Thomas Cook and Thomson.

It is believed that it flies up to 800 people in and out of Humberside each week.

Both Thomson and Thomas Cook said they were seeking other aircraft operators to ensure customers reached their destinations, and added that passengers would not be redirected to other airports.

A spokesman for Thomson confirmed the company had a "minimal" number of passengers travelling with Futura.

He said: "Alternative flights are currently being confirmed for customers booked to travel imminently and options are being explored for those customers travelling at a later date.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said the firm was working closely with other airlines to relocate passengers to alternative flights.

"Passengers with changes to their travel plans will be advised of any new arrangements as a matter of urgency," the spokesman said.

Grandmother Eileen Henderson (72), of Carr Lane, Grimsby, is due to fly to Tenerife on October 14 with her family, with Futura through Thomas Cook.

She said: "I have got a feeling that it will be resolved in time, it is just that everybody has to not panic.

"I am sure they will do something for us. The people I feel sorry for are the people going in the next couple of days, we have four weeks to sort ourselves out."

"I hope we really can still fly to and from Humberside. My daughter was going to park her car there in order to make it easier for us, but we wouldn't be able to do that if we have to fly back to East Midlands airport, for example."

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