September 13, 2008

West in Hawaii After Airport Arrest

Rapper Kanye West has traveled to Hawaii after being arrested at a Los Angeles airport in a situation police say is still being unraveled.

Sgt. Jim Holcomb of the Los Angeles Police Department's Airport Division said he was still unclear as to the exact circumstances of West's arrest this week at Los Angeles International Airport, E! Online reported Friday.

"I have no idea," Holcomb said in reference to what instigated the airport incident. "I didn't know who he (Kanye) was until the day this happened."

Sources told E! Online that Thursday's incident involved a freelance photographer and a videographer said to be paparazzi fixtures at the airport.

West was arrested for allegedly destroying a $10,000 video camera that may have belonged to one of the two paparazzi. Also arrested in the airport incident was West's manager, Don Crowley.

The rapper arrived in Hawaii wearing the same hooded sweatshirt he had on during his arrest, E! Online said. No reason was given for West's visit to the tropical locale.