September 15, 2008

Unique and Iconic Bridges


THE Gazette report (04.09.08) about the UK's biggest crane having a lifting capacity of 1,200 tons and at present in operation on Stockton's footbridge (pictured above) made me think of Newport Bridge, which has been much mentioned in the Gazette.

It's just a thought, but the bridge span of 2,700 tons, if "laid on open ground" - mentioned by G B Butler (07.06.08) - couldn't be lifted by two of these cranes.

That's why our bridge is unique in the UK because it could still be made operational.

It is also an icon for the once largest single steel company of the UK, Dorman and Long.

Though not unique, the Transporter Bridge can also be classed as an icon for the once vast heavy industries of Teesside, i.e. steel plants and blast furnaces by the score, foundries, shipyards and rolling mills, and huge engineering factories from Stockton to Redcar, not to mention the vast chemical industries.

Infant Hercules? You can say that again.

A W FARROW, Middlesbrough

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