September 15, 2008

Alex Edwards III, CEO of Renew Energy Resources, Inc. Talks to The Wall Street Transcript

The Wall Street Transcript has published an in-depth interview with Alex Edwards III, CEO of Renew Energy Resources, Inc. (Pink Sheets:REER) in which he talks at length about the Company.

The entire 2,500 word interview is available free online at

Renew Energy Resources, Inc is an alternative energy development company focused on converting non food-based feed stocks into renewable energy. Non food-based feed stocks include waste vegetable oil, corn oil, brown grease, animal fats, recycled plastics, and discarded tires. Renew is focusing on plants that are both origination and destination based. Renew plans to vertically integrate renewable energy markets such as biodiesel, ethanol, solar and wind. Its initial focus will be in biodiesel. Vertical integration will include facility ownership as well as facility management, off-take contracts for the primary product produced, value added refinement of derivative products, distribution, sales, marketing and financing of export sales contracts.

When asked about the company's current activity Mr. Edwards stated, "We have evaluated multiple non-food based feedstock and determined how to procure these at a fixed cost or relatively stable cost over the medium to long term. And we're talking years, not quarters. We've identified a number of these different opportunities in the Northeast, in the Southeast and in the Midwest. Our plan calls for building or acquiring facilities, however in the near-term, we are evaluating opportunities that will allow us to take feedstock to a current existing facility and produce biodiesel via a tolling arrangement."

When asked about the best opportunity for moving the company forward, Mr. Edwards stated, "It's delivering biodiesel based on waste vegetable oil that's collected in metropolitan areas around the country, building facilities that represent a size appropriate scaling for the distribution, and collection of those types of oils. Our business plan calls for right-sized, well located, vertically integrated energy production, and we believe using this strategy we can use waste vegetable oil, trap grease and other things to make biodiesel very cost effective. Looking forward we see a lot of political pressure to expand the various incentives available to renewable energy producers. If those credits and incentives are put in place, it will make an already solid business model even stronger and should return great shareholder value."

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