September 15, 2008

‘Coming Clean’ Offers Solutions, Tools, Hope to Break America’s Fossil Fuel Addiction

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Though most Americans support bold action to create a clean energy future, many are disheartened that individual actions such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs, taking mass transit, and voting aren't enough.

In the timely new book Coming Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal, Michael Brune, the dynamic leader of environmental group Rainforest Action Network (RAN), offers a hopeful, helpful, do-it-yourself guide to solving America's climate and energy crises.

Many books describe the human and ecological costs of fossil fuels and climate change, while others survey and evaluate the range of technological solutions to our energy crisis. Coming Clean (Sierra Club/Counterpoint, $14.95) is unique because it is offers strategic solutions as well as ways for motivated citizens to collectively challenge corporate America and political leaders.

In his examination of "the dirty side of 'clean coal,'" oil drilling in the Amazon, and how to separate fact from fiction in the world of biofuels, Brune presents a sober analysis of the world as it is now and a clear vision for achieving a cleaner, more energy efficient and socially just future. Above all Coming Clean is a book of hope.

Brune is the executive director of RAN, which has been called "some of the savviest environmental agitators in the business" by The Wall Street Journal, "a lean, green, fighting machine" by the San Francisco Chronicle, and "mosquitoes in the tent" of corporate America by Fortune. Brune joined RAN at age 26 to direct its successful campaign to convince Home Depot to stop selling wood from endangered forests. A year later, Time magazine called the victory the top environmental story of 1999.

Michael Brune is available for interviews. He is on a book and organizing tour through next spring that will include stops in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and Chicago. See the full schedule at

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