September 16, 2008

Somali Islamic Courts Reject Fellow Islamist Group’s Airport Ultimatum

Text of report by Somali Union of Islamic Courts website on 14 September, subheading as published

This press release was issued after one of the mujahidin factions [Islamist group Mujahidin Youth Movement, MYM] issued a statement demanding the closure of Adan Adde Airport [Mogadishu Airport].

Council of Somali Islamic Courts

Date: 14 September 2008

Press Release

We all know that the country as a whole is under enemy [Ethiopian] occupation; he has set up [military] bases at all economic centres, universities, schools, hospitals, and all government centres. The [Mogadishu] Airport is one of the sites the enemy is occupying. We state, it is a fact, that there are widespread harms at the airport, such as chiefs of the enemy landing there, the enemy taking revenue generated by the airport, the enemy using the airport to ship out his wounded [soldiers] , the enemy using the airport to bring in arms and troops. Despite all that, it is important to know that the airport provides a range of benefits to the Somali people and these benefits are as follows:

1. Thousands of Somalis fly in or out of the country via the airport;

2. The airport is used for shipping in a lot of items that are important to society, such as medicines, electronics, garments, and the like.

3. Pilgrims travel via the airport to perform hajj and umrah [Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca].

4. Somalis interested in returning to their country arrive via the airport;

5. The airport is one of the places from which the Somali people benefit;

6. People who need emergency treatment, such as civilians wounded by enemy rockets, are flown out of the airport.

Because of the benefits we have mentioned, there is no reason why the airport should be shut down. Therefore, we call on our brothers [MYM] to reconsider the issue [ultimatum to close Mogadishu Airport] and to have sympathy for the Somali people whom the enemy is subjecting to killings, robberies, rape, displacement, kidnappings, beatings, blockades, and intimidation. We make it clear that we do agree with the decision they have taken.

We condemn, and sad about, the robberies, killings, and kidnappings against important people such as religious leaders, traders, intellectuals and the like, in disregard of the Islamic law.


We call on all the Somali people, wherever they may be, to assist their needy brothers, taking advantage of the blessed month of Ramadan. We pray to God to rid us of the international enemy crusaders

In God is success


Abdirahim Ise Adow

The Council of Somali Islamic Courts military spokesman

Originally published by Somali Union of Islamic Courts website, in Somali 14 Sep 08.

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