September 16, 2008

BAA Urged to Sell Airports

By Anonymous

The Competition Commission is expected to advise that airport owner BAA sell at least one of its airports in a report next week. The watchdog is to publish its recommendations on reforms and regulation for the industry as provisional findings next week after a 16-month probe.

Earlier in the year, the commission indicated that it would advise selling off some of BAA's airports. It said breaking up BAA could bring better planned and more rapid growth of capacity (Planning, 25 April, p1).

The company owns Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Southampton and Stansted Airports. It could be asked to sell one from England and one from Scotland.

The commission found BAA's infrastructure development in the longer term is often too late to meet demand because it only handles one major project at a time.

Crawley Borough Council, whose area covers Gatwick, has said it would be unhappy if the review raises the spectre of a second runway.

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