September 16, 2008

Gas Facility Secured at Former Coal-Fired Plant in Manchester

By Gillman, Susanna

A gas-fired power station that could supply 500,000 homes is to be built at Carrington, Manchester, after the scheme was granted permission last week. The 860MW plant will be based on industrial land at the site of the former coalfired Carrington Power Station in Trafford, alongside the Manchester Ship Canal.

The DBERR gave outline consent to Yorkshire-based Bridestones Developments after originally granting permission for a smaller plant at the same location last year.

Bridestones said gas-fuelled power plants emit half as much carbon dioxide as coalfired facilities and use fuel more efficiently. The plant will generate more than three times the amount of electricity that the former coal station did but will occupy only half the land, it added.

Bridestones will ensure that sufficient land is available on site to incorporate carbon capture and storage technology in the future.

Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council was consulted on the application and first voted to approve the development two years ago.

The final design details will be subject to further discussions and will require approval from the council. Construction of the Pounds 500 million project is expected to start next year and it is due to be operational in 2012.

Carrington: site to allow room for future carbon storage

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