September 16, 2008

Titan Oil and Gas Releases Corporate Update and Proxy Online

Titan Oil and Gas Inc. (Pink Sheets:TNOG), has published a corporate update covering all current topics including Crows Run, the Eberle well, Kern County (the Edison Lease), New Targets, Budget, Compliance, Disclosure and the Proxy. The update can be found on Titan's blog available at this link:

Additionally management is pleased to release the proxy form and cover letter to the corporate website outlining the proposed creation of the preferred class, the increase of authorized capital to advance current acquisitions and name change to Green Star Energies. Please print off the second page and scan, fax or mail back to Titan following specifically the instructions on the bottom of the proxy form. Only one proxy is needed per person, it is required that you include a total of all the Titan Oil and Gas shares owned but it is also mandatory for all stockholders to send in their proxy in order to move the Company forward. If there are any questions or concerns please contact the Company directly via email or phone as posted on the bottom of this release. The proxy and cover letter can be found on the Titan corporate website at this link:


Titan is an energy company with interests in oil and gas development, drilling and production. Titan follows an aggressive business model, focusing on redevelopment of oil and gas fields with a history of production, and also, exploration of green projects and businesses such as biodiesel and wind power. For further information about Titan Oil and Gas please visit our website at or blog at

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