September 16, 2008

ISE Delivers Network Management System to SES Astra

Integral Systems Europe, a provider of satellite control and payload management systems, has delivered and installed an integrated carrier signal monitoring, transponder planning, and network management system for the Vinasat satellite program.

The system will be part of a network operations center to be provided by SES Astra TechCom to Vietnam Telecom International in Hanoi, Vietnam. It includes products from Integral's wholly-owned subsidiaries, SAT Corporation and Newpoint Technologies, a provider of satellite carrier monitoring and network management solutions.

According to Integral Systems Europe (ISE), this system consists of SAT Corporation's Monics carrier monitoring and interference detection system for Ku- and C-band beams, Newpoint's compass network management system, and a transponder management system from Optimal Satcom. It will be integrated by SES Astra TechCom with antenna, RF systems, and other network operations and monitoring elements.

Gerhard Bethscheider, CEO of SES Astra TechCom, said: "The product range of Integral Systems fits perfectly with SES Astra TechCom and this allows us to create a completely integrated and very powerful technical solution for satellite communications."