September 17, 2008

Kuwait Telecom Reveals Its New Brand VIVA

Kuwait telecom Reveals its new brand VIVA

We will fulfill our promises in offering world class services and honoring our community commitmentsAl-Awadhi: transparency ,simplicity and innovations are 3 pillars our strategy in the Kuwaiti market Finally Kuwait Telecom Company (KTC) has inaugurated its commercial brand, Viva, which represents transparency and commitment towards clients. It will focus on offering advanced and integrated client service once it is launched in the Kuwaiti market. This was announced at a press conference held recently by Saudi Telecom Company (STC) CEO Saud Bin Majed Al-Duwaish and VIVA CEO Najeeb Al-Awadi .Mr. Al-Duwaish gave a statement at the conference in which he spoke highly of the enormous success made by the company, which proudly became operational, built its network and finished staff recruitment in a record time, stressing that this was considered a grand achievement following the acquisition of the Third License in November 2007 and becoming operational within in no more than 10 months.He said we are ready today to launch VIVA, which we trust will add a new meaningful value to the telecom market in Kuwait through diversified outstanding services. He welcomed Mr. Najeeb Al-Awadi, who had been chosen CEO to VIVA based on his extensive valuable expertise. Mr. Al-Awadi took it upon himself to fulfill the Company's future aspirations in encouraging promising Kuwaiti youths to join in for brilliant professional careers in telecommunications, he added.He pointed out that Al-Awadi spent 10 out of his 15-year experience setting up two leading telecommunications companies in the region and watching them bloom into world-standard telecom platforms. He was also general manager of a very well known International Networks Company for five years, where he built an expansive telecommunications network, he added, stressing that Al-Awadi set down an exemplary model for diligence, innovation and leadership. He said that STC's choice of Kuwait's market was based on extensive feasibility research, emphasizing the great prospects it held for attracting international investments; particularly since H.H. the Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad had promised to turn Kuwait into an international financial and economic center, which carried infinite potentials for the future of telecommunications.Al-Duwaish also said that VIVA was striving relentlessly to open up the future of telecommunications to its clients and make all of its potentials accessible to them, while undertaking to cater to their individual needs and promising to mobilize its invaluable expertise for that end. He added that the company prided itself in the strong and positively developing relation it maintained with its clients, stressing that would spare no effort to keep pace with the fast-developing world of telecommunications technology to keep its clients always abreast of latest innovations.Al-Duwaish said that the company's " We Revolve Around Our Clients " brand inspired its client service, and that the company's products and services, offered at client centers or showrooms, complied with highest quality standards. He added that the company had an exquisite knack for simplifying complications which were part of the ever-changing world of telecommunications, stressing that this was reflected noticeably on tariffs, offers and products extended by the company.Viva's promises made to clients would be fulfilled, Al-Duwaish asserted, by extending the simplest possible, yet latest offers to honor its community commitments in Kuwait, adding that Viva's work team values were inspired by their distinguished work settings. He emphasized that Viva would be soon become the breeding ground for skilled Kuwaiti youths bent on developing successful professional careers, and that it would generate quality employment opportunities for them to improve their skills and develop their professional capacities. Meanwhile, Viva CEO Najeeb Al-Awadi said that the company would spare no effort to extend quality services to its clients while striving to optimize staff performance. He added that it was not easy for VIVA to be the third company to enter Kuwait's telecommunications market at this point of time, stressing that it was yet interesting to stand up to all imminent challenges over the years to come.He pointed out that the company was ready and determined to march into the future world of telecommunications with unrelenting determination, fully supported by STC and accompanied by a high-caliber team of professionals. Hence, he added, Viva would make a difference in the local telecommunications industry and to the people of Kuwait.He described the Kuwaiti market as one of the fastest growing in the world, where expansion rates zoomed and the demand for advanced telecommunications technologies had no limits. He stressed that the company was striving to soon lead the local market, relying on its massive expertise and potentials and inspired by its values and visions, which would further refine its quality client service level, promise more products and services and become one of the most successful companies worldwide.Al-Awadi expressed his strong belief that shareholders would stand to enjoy high valued shares, as a result of the company's persistent pursuit of latest technological developments in telecommunications, while continuing to raise performance standards, simplify services and boost quality. He added that VIVA telecommunications network exhibited world class specifications, and provided an unparalleled exemplary model, stressing that high-quality was an integral part of all VIVA products and services. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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