September 17, 2008

Alstom Hydro to Supply Equipment to Santo Antonio Plant in Brazil

Alstom Hydro has received a contract valued approximately E500 million to supply electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical equipment for the Santo Antonio hydro power plant in Brazil.

The Santo Antonio plant will be built on the Madeira River in the country's northwest state of Rondonia, with an installed capacity of 3,150MW. It will comprise 44 bulb type generating units, of which Alstom Hydro will provide 19 bulb turbines and 22 generators as well as 50% of the project's hydro-mechanical and lifting equipment. The plant is scheduled to start commercial operation by mid-2012.

Alstom Hydro will manufacture the turbines and generators at its facility in Taubate, Brazil. The hydro-mechanical and lifting equipment will be supplied from a new factory currently being built in Porto Velho, Rondonia, by Industria Metalurgica e Mecanica da Amazonia (IMMA), a joint-venture by Alstom Hydro and Bardella, a Brazilian capital goods company.

The plant, mainly dedicated to the projects in the Amazon region, is expected to be operational at the end of 2009 and will employ approximately 300 people.

Philippe Joubert, president of Alstom Power Systems, said: "We are honored to participate in the Santo Antonio project. Hydro power is the world's most important source of renewable energy, representing over 16% of global electricity production today."