September 17, 2008

Le 1.7 Billion for Abu Qir

Electricity Minister Hassan Younis attended on Monday 15/9/2008 the signing of three contracts at the value of LE 1.72 billion for Abu Qir and Western Cairo power plants. The money will go to fixing the steam turbines and condensers and covering the comprehensive insurance costs of the 1,300 megawatt Abu-Qir steam power plant in addition to building the reservoirs of the 700-megawatt-Western Cairo steam-powered electricity generation plant. The Abu Qir and Western Cairo projects are being implemented under the national five- year development plan for 2007-2012 that aims to meet the country's growing energy needs, the Minister said. Abu-Qir plant is composed of two steam-powered units of a combined capacity of 1,300 megawatts and that are to be fully operational during the months of April and August of 2012. The Western Cairo plant is made up of two steam- powered units that will be operational in 2010. The two plants are fuelled by natural gas. The estimated combined cost of the two plants amounts to LE 13.5 billion funded by Egypt and international partners.

Originally published by Info-Prod Strategic Business Information.

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