September 18, 2008

Empanada Joe’s Opens In Times Square

NEW YORK, Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Empanada Joe's, the gourmet "grab and go" food company, today opened in New York City's Times Square. Located at 683 8th Avenue, this is the second of three Empanada Joe's restaurants to open in New York City this year. The innovative eatery provides New Yorkers with healthier meal options, proving that convenient meals and snacks do not have to skimp on wholesomeness, freshness or flavor. Thanks to its wide-ranging, all-natural empanada offerings, Empanada Joe's has turned up the heat on their fast food competition, causing those lesser food forms to shake in their preservative-packed buns.

Responding to consumer desire for more health-conscious menu options, Empanada Joe's introduces an improved take on the classic Latin American "street food" to the discerning palates of city dwellers. Mouthwateringly delicious and bursting with flavor, empanadas are flaky baked pockets, stuffed with fresh delectable ingredients. They guarantee that all their partners are selected with the utmost care for how they produce and market - which means naturally raised and fed meat; fresh, chemical-free ingredients; and green awareness, always. With all-natural, preservative and additive-free offerings, Empanada Joe's awakens and enliven palates everywhere jaded from flavorless meals loaded with calories, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients, reminding New Yorkers that real, wholesome food is the ultimate attainable luxury.

Disproving that fresh, wholesome meals are time-consuming to create, the authentic, never frozen and always cooked-to-order empanadas go from oven to mouth in only two minutes - making them the ultimate "grab and go" meal. Diners can watch their meal bake before their eyes and feel good about choosing wholesome fast-er food. Empanada Joe's prides itself on informing customers where all of their fresh ingredients are sourced, ensuring that curious and picky diners alike will always feel good about their culinary choices. The man behind the concept, Joseph Tesone, goes the extra mile from the hiring of staff to the creation of the product to ensure the consumer's experience is unique and memorable.

Tantalizing empanada options include Rio Chicken, Argentine Beef, Rojo Pulled Pork, Veggie Mama and Egg-and-Cheese. Tempting dessert empanadas including Apples and Cinnamon and Bananas and Chocolate round out menu and ensure that diners can enjoy Empanada Joe's gourmet offerings morning, noon and night.

Isn't life delicious?

Empanada Joe's eateries are located at 683 8th Avenue at 43rd Street and 2857 Broadway at 111th Street in Manhattan.

Empanada Joe's

Launched in July 2008, Empanada Joe's is composed of a dedicated all-star team on a mission to redefine the "fast-food" experience through an emphasis on integrity, freshness and quality. Founded by Joseph Tesone, Empanada Joe's is committed to providing customers short on time a delicious, gourmet experience without the unhealthy ingredients usually found in convenience foods. Responding to consumer desire for more health-conscious menu options, Empanada Joe's provides the ultimate introduction to the classic Latin American 'street food,' updated with only the healthiest, freshest ingredients and always cooked-to-order.

Empanada Joe?s

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