September 19, 2008

This Essential Report on Wind Engineering Is Now Available

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Wind Engineering" subscription to their offering.

Having been in continuous publication since 1977, Wind Engineering is the oldest and most authoritative English language journal devoted entirely to the technology of wind energy.

Under the direction of a distinguished editor and editorial board, Wind Engineering appears bimonthly with fully refereed contributions from active figures in the field, book notices, and summaries of the more interesting papers from other sources.

Papers are published in Wind Engineering on: the aerodynamics of rotors and blades; machine subsystems and components; design; test programmes; power generation and transmission; measuring and recording techniques; installations and applications; and economic, environmental and legal aspects.

Wind Engineering is of the utmost value to everybody involved with wind as a source of energy.

Published 6 times a year.

Key Topics Covered:

Some recent papers in Wind Engineering:

Modal Testing for Validation of Blade Models

D. Todd Griffith, Thomas G. Carne and Joshua A. Paquette

Simulated Onshore-Fault Ride Through of Offshore Wind Farms Connected Through VSC HVDC

A. Arulampalam, G. Ramtharan, N. Caliao, J.B. Ekanayake and N. Jenkins

Impact of FACTS Controllers on the Dynamic Stability of Power Systems Connected with Wind Farms

N. Senthil Kumar and M. Abdullah Khan

A Suitable Load Control Method for Constant Tip Speed Ratio Operation of Stand-Alone Wind Turbine-Generator Systems

Tetsuya Wakui and Ryohei Yokoyama

Experimental Investigations on the Effect of Overlap Ratio and Blade Edge Conditions on the Performance of Conventional Savonius Rotor

Kamoji M.A., S.B. Kedare and S.V. Prabhu

Incorporation of a Redox Flow Battery in a Wind-Diesel Power System for Simultaneous Frequency and Voltage Control

Shameem Ahmad Lone, Mairaj ud-Din Mufti and Shiekh Javed Iqbal

The Porsche Wind Powered Generator

Izumi Ushiyama and Yuichi Nakajo

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