September 21, 2008

Georgia: “Several Thousand” Unexploded Bombs Found at Military Base – TV

Text of report by state-funded Georgian Public Television Channel 1 on 21 September

[Presenter] An especially large amount of unexploded ordnance has been discovered at the Senaki military base [which was occupied by Russian forces during and shortly after the August war]. Mine- clearers removed several thousand bombs from swampland that had formed from artificial lakes. The bombs, which cannot be moved from the place they were found, are now being exploded by a mine- clearing company of the Defence Ministry.

[Roin Rizhvadze, captioned as head of mine-clearing company] The bombs found to be of use were checked by our specialists and set aside while the bombs that can no longer be of use are being destroyed.

Originally published by Channel 1, Tbilisi, in Georgian 1100 21 Sep 08.

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