September 22, 2008

Jodange Announces the Release of Its Energy Gadget

Jodange, Inc. (, the company building the world's first Opinion Utility(TM), today released its latest gadget on the hot topic of Energy.

With the Jodange Energy gadget, users can quickly focus on a key opinion leader then see this leader's cascading influence on their peers and the market. Find out what Jim Ritterbusch, president of energy consultancy at Ritterbusch and Associates forecasted about the struggling financial services sector and the ramifications on the price of oil. Contrast this opinion with what Phil Flynn, vice president of Alaron Trading, stated about Oil futures as it related to supply and demand. Finally learn if these leading opinion holders' sentiments could have influence on U.S. Senator Richard Burr's Gas Price Reduction Act currently being debated on the Senate floor.

"The Jodange energy gadget offers a clear vantage-point for analyzing the creation, pathway and impact of complex and critical market variables that look more like vague intangible forces without Jodange's critical eye," stated Chuck Marvin, energy reporter at "In my daily market coverage at, discussing the relevance and impact of data releases, research reports, price projections, and statements that key energy executives make about the future without Jodange now feels like executing a surgical operation with a spoon instead of a scalpel."

Jodange's Energy gadget continues to demonstrate the power of the company's underlying Opinion Processing Engine(TM) (OPE) and has widespread application in a broad range of endeavors including competitive intelligence and geo-political risk analysis.

Users can place this gadget directly on their iGoogle home page and gain insight -- free of charge. For immediate download, please go to Jodange Energy.

About Jodange, Inc.

Jodange was born when serial entrepreneur, Larry Levy, met academic, Clare Cardie, professor of Computational Linguistics at Cornell University, NY. Leveraging Cornell's significant investment in sentiment analytics, Jodange has developed a technology to extract and rank opinions from any online content. The result is the creation of the world's first Opinion Utility. For more information, please visit or call 914-595-1380.

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