September 22, 2008

Endesa Inaugurates Guadarranque Solar Energy Plant

Endesa, involved in electricity generation and distribution, gas supply and renewable energy production, has inaugurated the Guadarranque solar energy plant in San Roque, Spain.

A total of E90 million was invested in the construction and start-up of the Guadarranque solar energy plant. The facility is expected to save 22,900 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

The project is part of Endesa's strategy to invest in renewable energy, particularly photovoltaic solar energy, with the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The plant, which is situated in the Guadarranque industrial estate, occupies an area of 37 hectares, with an estimated generation capacity of 24GWh of clean energy, sufficient to meet the energy needs of a town of 25,000 and 65.5% of the total consumption of the town of San Roque.