September 22, 2008

Detroit Edison Submits Application for New Nuclear Plant in Michigan

Detroit Edison has submitted to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission a combined license application for a possible new nuclear power plant at the site of the company's existing nuclear plant near Newport, Michigan.

The license application is based on the GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy ESBWR (economic, simplified boiling water reactor), an advanced-design reactor that produces around 1,500MW. Detroit Edison has decided to base its application on this design after thoroughly evaluating numerous criteria, including safety and cost.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) estimates that it could take up to four years to review the application and issue a license. The first step is to conduct a preliminary acceptance review to verify that the application is complete and includes all necessary information. That initial acceptance review is expected to be complete within 60 days.

Anthony Earley Jr, chairman and CEO of DTE Energy, the parent company of Detroit Edison, said: "It is satisfying to reach this significant milestone, which is necessary if we are to maintain the option of building a nuclear power plant to help Michigan meet both its growing need for electricity and its environmental goals."