September 22, 2008

Panda Ethanol Terminates General Contractor; Assumes Responsibility for Completing Hereford, Texas Facility

DALLAS, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Panda Ethanol Inc. today announced that it has exercised its contractual right to terminate Lurgi Inc. as the general contractor for Panda's 115 million gallon-per-year, biomass-fueled ethanol facility located in Hereford, Texas. The action was approved by Panda's board of directors in addition to the project's senior and subordinated lenders, as the company had lost confidence in Lurgi's ability to finish the facility due to continued construction delays. Panda Ethanol will assume responsibility for managing the remaining construction at the facility, which is in the latter stages of completion.

Under terms of a comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract, Panda has the right to terminate the contract for cause including if final acceptance is not achieved within 180 days of the guaranteed substantial completion date. The refinery was to have been constructed in 17 months and was initially due for substantial completion by December of 2007. Due in large part to faulty foundation work, which is currently in the late stages of remediation, the facility has been under construction for approximately 26 months and is not yet finished. The most recent Lurgi construction schedule shows substantial completion to occur in February of 2009.

Prior to terminating Lurgi, Panda Ethanol also drew upon the full amount of a $16.2 million irrevocable letter of credit, issued as part of the EPC contract, as a guarantee of certain Lurgi payment obligations. Funds from the letter of credit will be used to pay liquidated damages owed to the Panda Hereford project, amounts owed to sub contractors and expenses incurred as a part of the remediation effort.

"The singular most important priority we have as a company is to complete construction and bring this facility on line," said Darol Lindloff, chief executive officer of Panda Ethanol. "Panda has extensive construction management experience, and we are confident in our ability to finish and start up this plant. We intend to bring this plant on line, and we continue to believe that, once completed, it will be one of the most cost-efficient ethanol production facilities in the United States."

The company previously disclosed in its most recent quarterly filing that it was actively engaged in discussions with senior lenders to restructure the project's debt, which is non-recourse to Panda Ethanol. In a more recent filing, the company disclosed that the Hereford project's senior lenders approved a September 4 construction draw in the amount of $3.8 million. The company will continue to seek senior lender approval for additional draws to complete construction of the project.

Construction work is continuing at the site with the support of the Hereford project's sub contractors.

About Panda Ethanol Inc.

Panda Ethanol Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: PDAE) , headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is helping to reduce the nation's dependence on hydrocarbons and foreign oil by producing clean, economic alternative energy. In 2005, Newsweek magazine named Panda one of the 10 most eco-friendly companies in America. In 2007, Project Finance Magazine awarded Panda "North American Ethanol Deal of the Year" for its financing of the state-of-the-art, Hereford biomass-fueled ethanol facility.

By using biogas to fuel the plant, instead of fossil fuels such as natural gas, Panda is conserving the energy equivalent of 1,000 barrels of oil a day. The biofuel produced by the Hereford plant could displace approximately 2.6 million barrels of foreign oil a year.

The company is committed to being the "greenest" ethanol producer in the United States. Additional information on Panda Ethanol can be found at

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