September 22, 2008

Cathay Pacific Launches New Cargo Product for Pharmaceutical Shipments

Cathay Pacific Airways has launched a new cargo product, Pharma LIFT, for pharmaceutical shipments that need careful temperature management throughout their journey to ensure the products arrive in perfect condition.

Pharma LIFT ensures priority handling and a co-ordinated shipment process with multiple checkpoints throughout the journey. In Cathay Pacific's Hong Kong hub, a dedicated Pharma LIFT team is assigned to look after every shipment.

The airline said that the warehouses used by the airline in Hong Kong are equipped with sophisticated, well-managed cool rooms maintained at specific temperatures, and most Cathay Pacific overseas stations are equipped with similar cool-room facilities.

Titus Diu, general manager of cargo sales and marketing at Cathay Pacific, said: "We are pleased to add Pharma LIFT to our range of LIFT products to meet the special needs of the pharmaceutical market, and in particular the fast-growing biopharmaceutical sector. With the pharmaceutical industry burgeoning in Asia on both the manufacturing and consumer fronts, we believe our product will quickly find a niche among shippers."