September 23, 2008

Avocent Unveils Series of Industry-Changing Power Management Offerings

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Avocent Corporation , a global leader in IT Operations Management, today announced multiple new offerings allowing IT managers to get spiraling energy costs under better control by making real-time energy measurements that can lead to rapid remedial actions from the desktop to the data center. Not only do these solutions help IT administrators monitor and reduce energy costs associated with the desktop, server room and data center, but they also help organizations launch or sustain their green-IT programs. Today's move by Avocent is also a direct response to demands by IT directors and data center managers for systems that can more closely align IT objectives with strategic business objectives.

"For nearly a year, we've been using Avocent's LANDesk Management Suite to create policies that help us manage power settings on our laptops and desktops, and we're pleased with the reduced energy costs we're seeing," commented Keith Brown, Network Administrator with Gwinnett Medical Center. "We've realized that by closely managing power consumption with the LANDesk Management Suite has resulted in a significant difference to our bottom line. In healthcare, 'Going Green' not only makes a difference for the environment, but also helps streamline our resources. This leads to additional benefits and improvements in patient care, which is our ultimate goal."

"Avocent has both the power management and total remote access management solution we were looking for," said Carlos Nieves, Data Center Manager with CompuCredit. "With DSView 3 Power Manager and other Avocent solutions deployed, CompuCredit has been able to utilize a personnel model that has enabled us to cut our costs and improved our overall ability to remotely support our critical infrastructure. The robust capability and user-friendly performance of the Avocent power management and other tools has proven to be a winning combination for my organization."

Power use and overall power management have become top concerns for many enterprises, and key considerations in the deployment of today's newer, more powerful desktop and server solutions. Recent independent research finds that nearly 60% of data center managers are actively looking into IT solutions that help them manage costs associated with power consumption(1). In their efforts to control upwardly spiraling energy costs, IT managers are turning to flexible infrastructure management solutions that can address these power issues at any level, from end-node desktop systems to centralized, rack-based servers.

   The three new power management-related announcements are:    --  For desktops:  Avocent is introducing increased power management       functionality in its LANDesk(R) Management Suite. Existing       functionality provides centralized management of power-related       policies.  The new customer-driven functionality, while also enabling       administrators to control end-node power consumption with policies,       adds new reporting features with a tool that allows administrators to       understand the specific financial impact of proposed power management       policies. In addition, multiple power companies offer rebates to       organizations deploying the power conservation features in LANDesk       Management Suite, effectively providing immediate ROI.    --  For server rooms: Avocent is introducing a new line of low-cost power       strips for small and medium-sized businesses.  The low-cost power       strips will enable cost-effective power management from any location       over an IP network, and include software to allow consolidated       management of multiple power strips.  These products are part of       Avocent's overall vision to help make IT infrastructure of any scale       more accessible and ultimately more manageable.    --  For data centers: Avocent is introducing intelligent power       distribution units (iPDUs) that work closely with DSView(R) 3 Power       Manager software. The new iPDUs are unique in allowing metering of       energy consumption down to the outlet level, enabling an IT manager to       know exactly how much power is being consumed by any given device       plugged into that outlet.  The improved ability to gather and       aggregate power information, regardless of location within a data       center, helps managers reduce overall energy consumption costs and       outages, while improving operating efficiencies.    

"Enterprise management software tools need to be integrated with building management and facilities components to provide a single, unified view of the thermal and energy profile of the data center," said Rakesh Kumar, vice president of research, Gartner. "Ideally, this should use real-time data, which can then be analyzed to show energy use trends. Also important will be the ability to use virtualization capabilities for application and virtual machine migration to shift workloads to lower-utilization periods. This will involve automated power down of servers and, subsequently, power up and workload moves."

Each of the offerings announced allows customers improved infrastructure management and provides greater visibility and control over power-related functionality, in turn enabling more accurate planning of IT budgets and physical and virtual assets. As key components within Avocent's overarching IT Operations Management framework, these tools help to decrease the number of uncontrollable energy variables being measured and can lead to a sustained competitive advantage.

"The rising cost of power has dramatically changed the face of enterprise IT and datacenter facilities, and we're finding that companies reviewing the total cost of an IT asset over time are including energy expenses, and not just the initial outlay," commented Avocent chief technology officer Ben Grimes. "With power control inside the desktop and server, power control strips for rack-based equipment, and the overarching management software layer over that equipment, we're helping customers measure and control power consumption, as well as helping them understand overall asset costs. Our power management solutions at the desktop, server room and datacenter levels are not only cost-effective but they help IT administrators make well-informed decisions based on granular, real-time data."


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(1) From Data Center Management survey, March 2008 by Research Concepts,


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