September 23, 2008

Michelin Introduces X Energy SaverGreen Tire

French tire manufacturer Michelin has introduced its new X Energy SaverGreen tire, which the company claims saves 500 liters of fuel per truck per year.

The company claims that the X Energy SaverGreen tire also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 2.5 tons over the tire's initial life, while improving safety with a 7% increase in grip.

According to the company, the X Energy SaverGreen tire features the Energy flex heat-stable casing, the latest member of the Michelin durable technologies family, a package of truck tire innovations that can be combined in a single tire or selected individually depending on customer needs and expectations.

In this case, Energy Flex technology is capable of driving a measurable reduction in fuel consumption throughout the life of the tire.

The Michelin X Energy SaverGreen also incorporates other innovative Michelin durable technologies, such as the InfiniCoil architecture, which is reported to increase payload and endurance, and double wave sipes, which enhance grip.