September 23, 2008

Motorola to Upgrade Gardermoen Airport to Dimetra IP Compact System

Motorola has won an upgrade contract with Oslo Lufthavn, the owner and operator of Gardermoen airport in Norway. The upgrade will transform the existing system of the airport to Motorola's next generation Dimetra IP Compact TETRA system.

The upgrade to Motorola's ETSI TETRA compliant Dimetra IP system is expected to be in place by the end of 2008, transforming the airport's existing first-generation TETRA network.

According to Motorola, the new Dimetra IP Compact is a scalable solution offering users the choice of structured deployment, supporting growth as user demand and budgets allow. Customers can start with a basic voice system and add features and capacity as their needs grow.

Optional services include telephony and data services; including multi-slot packet data offering up to 28.8kbps gross data transfer and enabling the delivery of integrated voice and data communications. Security can also be enhanced with the addition of Motorola's TETRA air interface encryption and end-to-end encryption solutions.

Tore Myhre, head of IT department at Oslo Lufthavn, said: "Improving the customer experience when at the airport and helping the staff on the ground work smarter are integral to our operations. In deploying this new IP communications infrastructure we feel we can achieve more efficient processes in and around the airport and an even better service for our travelers."