September 23, 2008

ACCCE Statement Regarding Regional Cap and Trade Program Recommended By the Western Climate Initiative


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ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) today issued this statement in response to a regional cap and trade program recommended by the Western Climate Initiative (WCI):

"ACCCE is concerned with the WCI's recommendations for design of a regional market-based cap-and-trade program.

"Action can be a good thing, but one region alone cannot adequately address what is certainly a global challenge.

"This sentiment was echoed during recent deliberations at the annual meeting of the Western Governors Association.

"Individual state laws and regional approaches will create an unnecessary patchwork of requirements that will be both ineffective in addressing environmental concerns and costly to consumers of participating WCI states.

"By focusing on such programs, there is a strong chance the state and/or regional mandates will conflict with future federal mandates, in essence double taxing states where local mandates reside. This would result in increased economic hardship for working families and businesses in WCI states.

"Higher electricity costs will hit residential consumers and businesses, at the same time, other energy costs are already escalating and the country is facing a possible recession. This hurts the lowest income families and people on fixed incomes the most. States participating in such a program recommended by the WCI also could lose industry and jobs to neighboring states due to high electricity costs.

"There are better ways states and regions can continue environmental progress and address climate change concerns without harming the economy. Such strategies include increasing energy efficiency programs and funding advanced clean coal technology that can achieve real and measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions without putting western states' economies at risk.

"ACCCE supports the timely adoption of a mandatory federal program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The organization believes that investments in technology are the only way to ensure that mandatory emissions reduction programs do not come at the expense of reducing energy security and/or making residential and business customers to pay unnecessarily higher costs for energy."


The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is a non-profit, non-partisan partnership of companies involved in producing electricity from coal. Because coal is America's most abundant energy resource, ACCCE supports energy policies that balance coal's vital role in meeting our country's growing need for affordable and reliable electricity with the need to protect the environment. ACCCE also advocates for the development and deployment of advanced clean coal technologies that will produce electricity with near-zero emissions. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, ACCCE has more than 40 members that represent more than $190 billion in annual revenues and employ more than 360,000 Americans. For more information, visit www.cleancoalusa.orgor

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