September 24, 2008

FACT Corporation Announces Shareholder Update

FACT Corporation (OTCBB:FCTOA), a specialty provider of multi-functional ingredients to the North American baked-goods industry, today announced a shareholder update with respect to current corporate activities as well as anticipated events for the balance of 2008 and into early 2009.

FACT CEO Jacqueline Danforth stated, "Although we've been quiet on the news front for an extended period, it's been a busy time at FACT this past summer. Along with ongoing product optimization efforts, we have been working diligently on new product lines for introduction to our commercial clients before year-end 2008."

"Product lines presently under development include improved commercial mixes for shelf-stable, reduced-sugar/high-fiber baked goods, such as muffins and cookies, as well as pancakes, waffles and scones. We're also unveiling exciting new flavor profiles for certain of our current product lines, and we expect to see some of these new items on the market before the end of the year."

"As to our program for fiscal 2009, we have some very exciting announcements planned for the coming weeks." Danforth added. "The groundwork has been laid this summer for an entirely new category of products for launch during fiscal 2009 under the FACT banner, and I look forward to introducing these items in more detail before the close of fiscal 2008. I am extremely enthusiastic about this new market opportunity, the new faces we expect to add to our management team, and most importantly, FACT's ability to provide products that support a healthy lifestyle to an important new market channel."

About FACT Corporation

FACT has been engaged in the healthy lifestyle market since 2002. Operating through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Food & Culinary Technology Group Inc., we develop and market customized nutrition solutions created specifically for the North American baked-goods industry. Our core products are proprietary specialty bake mixes, which we sell to commercial producers who use large quantities of our mixes to manufacture popular, health-friendly packaged baked goods. These items target a rapidly-growing, increasingly-sophisticated consumer marketplace focused on quality, taste and nutrition.

Our customers market their finished products (foods we all love to eat, such as bagels, brownies, muffins and cookies) through both conventional and alternative distribution channels, including branded and private-label retail opportunities, as well as foodservice and specialty markets.

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