September 24, 2008

Algeria: Authorities to Upgrade Security System at Boumedienne Airport

An official Algerian committee advised the government to upgrade the CCTV system in Algiers's Boumdeienne international airport following the submission of its report to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, El-Khabar newspaper reported on 24 September.

The committee, made of representatives from the company running the airport, the aviation authority and the security forces, recommended additional installation of "wireless cameras equipped with digital antennas that work on high-speed frequencies to provide a comprehensive coverage of the airport area, estimated at 27 sq km". Currently, the CCTV system at the airport relies on 250 cameras.

El-Khabar added that an additional control system will be linked to the border police unit in order to "strengthen surveillance" and "deter any misleading and collusion".

Originally published by El-Khabar website, Algiers, in Arabic 24 Sep 08.

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