September 24, 2008

SRT AIS Class B Standard Technology Receives Federal Approval

Software Radio Technology, a provider of marine identification and tracking technology, has announced that its AIS Class B standard technology has been approved for use in the US by the Federal Communications Commission.

According to the company, the approval enables the sale of AIS Class B products in the US. This represents an increase in Software Radio Technology (SRT) Marine Technology's addressable market for its AIS products.

According to SRT, in 2007 SRT Marine Technology launched the low cost AIS Class B engine. This has been provided in various formats to a global customer base of established marine electronics companies and enabled them to create and sell their own final form AIS Class B products. These products can now be sold into the US market.

SRT has said that AIS enables the precise identification and tracking of vessels in all conditions. Following on from the successful International Maritime Organisation IMO SOLAS mandate in 2002 which required most vessels over 300GT to be fitted with AIS Class A transponders worldwide, the AIS Class B standard was created as an open international technology standard specifically for use on small and medium size commercial and leisure vessels.

Simon Tucker, group managing director of SRT, said: "This is a major event for SRT Marine Technology and opens a significant new market in terms of size and general dynamics. Our AIS Class B solution is embedded into multiple proven products, therefore enabling us to immediately work with our partners to satisfy demand in the USA."