September 24, 2008

New Ka-Band Technology From Intellian Technologies(R) Delivers High-Definition DIRECTV Programming at Sea

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Satellite entertainment and communications innovator Intellian Technologies(R) has unveiled yet another first for the marine industry and the boating public -- the only marine satellite TV systems able to receive High Definition (HD) programming broadcast from DIRECTV's new Ka-band satellites.

"By taking the lead in marine Ka-band satellite technology development, we're demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the lives of boaters and advancing the industry with innovative solutions," says Intellian Technologies President and CEO Eric Sung. "It's our goal to continuously be ahead of the technology curve and to anticipate the needs of tomorrow's market. We want to set the trends in marine electronics, not follow them."

The majority of DIRECTV's HD programming is now being carried on two newly installed satellites broadcasting via Ka-band, rather than the older, more widely used Ku-band. DIRECTV made this decision to acquire additional bandwidth and better meet anticipated future demand for HD programming. More than 130 channels are currently being carried on these two new Ka-band satellites, and DIRECTV is phasing out its remaining HD channels carried on the older Ku-band satellites. Therefore, it is expected that only a few HDTV channels will be available on the existing Ku-band satellites in late 2008 into 2009.

This new technology makes Intellian the smart choice for mariners wishing to view these HD channels and enjoy all their favorite DIRECTV programming at sea -- today, as well as in the future. This new Ka-band technology will initially be featured in two new satellite TV antenna systems from Intellian Technologies -- designated k4 and k6. When coupled with Intellian's new k-Series Dual Antenna Control Unit (DACU) and paired with an existing Intellian i4 or i6 antenna, boaters can receive complete reception of all DIRECTV programming and will be able to switch channels freely and simultaneously amongst five satellites -- two for Ka-band and three for Ku-Band.

Patented technologies developed by Intellian and featured on its full line of existing satellite antenna systems play an important role in optimizing performance at sea when tuning into Ka-band HD programming. For starters, the Ka-band signal is broadcasted on a higher frequency and has a much narrower beam width than the Ku-band. Much more precise tracking of the signal is required for reliable reception of the Ka-band signal, particularly on a moving vessel.

Fortunately, two features pioneered by Intellian Technologies and present on the new k4 and k6 ensure that boaters enjoy clear, interruption-free DIRECTV programming from the new Ka-band satellites. Intellian's proven Wide Range Search (WRS) Algorithm ensures faster acquisition of the narrower Ka-band satellite signals, and is uniquely suited to search, find and hold Ka-band beams by jumping from side lobes to the main lobe. The company's Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) uses an exclusive sub-reflector that constantly adjusts, for superior Ka-band signal tracking that remains locked on as the vessel moves, pitches and rolls.

Developing the marine industry's first Ka-band capable satellite system required overcoming several technological challenges. Intellian Technologies' vast experience and track record of innovation had the company well positioned for breaking this new ground. The fact that Ka-band requires new technology for the latest generation of satellites wasn't an insurmountable hurdle for Intellian Technologies, because it was already utilizing a patented unique technology to quickly search and reliably track satellites in an increasingly crowded sky.

Receiving Ka-band signals in a moving vessel requires new components, but Intellian Technologies had already developed several key components, which are perfectly optimized for marine conditions. Intellian Technologies had also already engineered ways to lower signal detection levels, allowing smaller-sized dishes to receive weaker signals. This makes the new Intellian k4 and k6 antennas very compact, with dish diameters of 17.7 and 23.6 inches, respectively. Intellian Technologies' all-in-one dual dome system also simplifies Ka-band reception by eliminating external boxes, multi-switches, cables and connectors. To compensate for the fact that Ka-band signals are far more sensitive to rain fade, Intellian Technologies uses a high precision vacuum formed radome, designed with a special curvature to minimize signal drop. Intellian's lightweight dome design also makes it easier to install dual antenna systems on all styles of vessels.

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