September 26, 2008

Market Headquarters Speaks With CEO At Great Western Mining Corporation

DUBLIN, Ireland, Sept. 26, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Market Headquarters announces audio interview with Mr. Emmett O'Connell, Chairman and CEO of Great Western Mining Corporation (GWMC), who discusses the company's current projects and overall progress in the current market. Mr. O'Connell speaks about the company's current interests and progressions, as well as their overall goal. He also talks about the company's recognition in winning the best resource stock on the PLUS market.

The audio broadcast with Mr. Emmett O'Connell is available at

About Great Western Mining Corporation:

Great Western Mining Corporation plc (GWMC) is a leading Irish mineral company involved in gold, silver, uranium exploration and mining. The company, whose stock is quoted on the PLUS market, is based in Nevada with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

About Market Headquarters:

Market Headquarters was created to serve as a bridge between investment professionals and rising/established companies. We inform the investment community about several companies, in various sectors, in order to provide them with greater opportunities.

Cautionary Statement:

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