September 26, 2008

Glitch Prompts Heathrow Cancellations

Passengers at London's Heathrow Airport took to sleeping on the floor following additional flight cancellations caused by a computer glitch, officials say.

British Airways spokesman said a new set of canceled flights were announced Friday following a series of 35 cancellations at the London airport all caused by an air traffic control problem, The Daily Mail said.

"Some of our planes are in the wrong location due to (Thursday's) cancellations but the flights we've had to cancel (Friday) are all on multi-frequency routes and we are not experiencing any delays to other services," the unidentified spokesman said.

The flight cancellations began after a computer error at an air traffic control center in Hampshire caused significant delays and cancellations at a number of British airports.

The Daily Mail said most of the problems caused by Thursday's glitch were seen at Heathrow, along with the Gatwich Airport and Luton Airport in London.