September 27, 2008

Tombstone History Runs Deep

cover story

TOMBSTONE - It was called the Good Enough Mine.

You could consider that name a bit of an understatement. The mine - tunneled into limestone in the late 1870s near the edge of modern- day Tombstone - was one of the dazzlingly rich silver strikes that gave birth to the "town too tough to die."

Now, more than a century after its heyday, the mine is open for daily public tours.

A guided excursion into the 100-foot depths of the Good Enough is a journey not only into the silver-veined earth - but also back in time.

"Here's somebody's lunch from 1880," says senior tour guide Carey Granger, holding up a rusted food can apparently discarded by a miner working in one of the shafts. "We've found lots of other artifacts left by the original miners. This place is full of history."

For a look inside the mine, along with information about joining a tour, see the cover story inside this section. We'll also point out some other attractions to round out a visit to Tombstone. - Doug Kreutz


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