September 29, 2008

GE Oil & Gas Launches New-Generation EmatScan CD Inspection Tool

GE Oil & Gas has launched its next-generation EmatScan CD inspection tool for stress corrosion cracks, and crack detection in gas pipelines.

EmatScan CD applies PII Pipeline Solutions's electro magnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) technology to the demands of in-line inspection (ILI) runs in gas pipelines by detecting and measuring a greater range of defects compared to existing technologies.

The system can detect cracks as short as 1.97 inches and as shallow as 0.079 inches while utilizing PII's software capabilities and reporting techniques.

John Bucci, general manager for PII Pipeline Solutions at GE Oil & Gas, said: "EmatScan CD is the first ILI tool that gives gas pipeline operators the same crack detection benefits and confidence levels offered by their liquid pipeline counterparts."