September 29, 2008

Welcome to El Segundo … Your Copper Plumbing Has Just Been Stolen

By Denise Nix

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Five new El Segundo businesses got a fine welcome with the theft of some pricey copper water fixtures.

The retail and restaurant facilities at The Edge, a new business park development near Maple Avenue and Nash Street, discovered the missing outdoor pipes early Saturday, according to El Segundo police officer Glenn Delmendo.

The thefts left the businesses without water, Delmendo said.

The pipes, which Delmendo said are worth an estimated $1,300 each, were cut about two inches from where they go into the ground and then pulled out.

"It's a pretty big piping contraption," Delmendo said of the three-foot long pipes and brass fittings that were stolen.

Police don't have any suspects, and the investigation is continuing.

Copper theft is on the rise recently, with filchers taking everything from wiring to headstones to make a quick buck, according to recent news reports.

However, Bloomberg reported late last week that the price of copper, currently at just over $3 a pound, is dropping. The article blames the failing economy and a drop in home building for the projected price decline.

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