September 30, 2008

Action Must Be Taken Over Sodexo Food at City General Hospital

Food Revolt: I was recently discharged from Ward 109 at the City General after a stay of 12 days, the first eight of which I was not allowed solid food.

This turned out to be a blessing, as after my operation, I was allowed to eat the food supplied by Sodexo.

I could write a long list of faults, but I'll confine my comments to the most serious.

Firstly, the hot food is superheated over probably five hours and is therefore dried out and fused to the plate.

Secondly, because all hot meals share the same hot compartment, the aromas and flavours merge into something I cannot describe in print.

Joan Walley MP says it's probably too late to change this state of affairs, but I would have to disagree - show me a contract that does not have a performance clause written in.

The clinical and nursing care I received was first class. The very same people are obliged to serve up the superheated rubbish trucked in from South Wales.

All patients I talked to were extremely displeased with this so- called food. Some had even resorted to living on a diet of digestive biscuits and food brought in from home.

This situation needs a resolution. If this occurred in industry, someone's job would be at serious risk.


Meir Park

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