September 30, 2008

Examine the Possibilities of Algae As a Source of Fuel As Oil Stocks Continue to Fall With This Essential Report

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Analyzing Algae as a Source of Fuel" report to their offering.

Algae are a large and diverse group of simple, typically autotrophic organisms, ranging from unicellular to multicellular forms. The largest and most complex marine forms are called seaweeds. Though the prokaryotic cyanobacteria (commonly referred to as blue-green algae) were traditionally included as "algae" in older textbooks, many modern sources regard this as outdated and restrict the term algae to eukaryotic organisms.

The possibilities of algae as an all-inclusive biofuel are literally infinite. Whereas most other biofuels must be slowly developed, and can only be harvested at particular times of the year, algae can double in volume overnight and can be harvested day after day. They also utilize carbon dioxide and are nearly 50% oil (whereas palms are only about 20%).

This research report, Analyzing Algae as a Source of Fuel - covers the huge potential of algae to serve as fuel for the energy-hungry world we live in. The report explores the technologies involved in the process of converting algae into biofuel, the advantages and disadvantages of algae, the challenges facing the industry in commercializing this technology and much more.

A profile of the leading players in this emerging field who are making waves in technological developments is included in the report. Also of interest are two case studies - one on using algae as jet fuel in the future and one of the Maalaea Power Plant based in Hawaii and how it is deriving power from algae.

Basic information about algae is also provided in the report.

 Key Topics Covered:  A. Executive Summary  B. The World of Algae B.1 Introduction to Algae B.2 Ecology B.3 Classifying Algae B.3.1 Primoplantae/Archaeplastida B.3.2 Excavata and Rhizaria B.3.3 Chromista and Alveolata B.4 Forms of Algae B.5 Algae in Symbiotic Relations B.6 Life-cycle of Algae  C. Various Uses of Algae C.1 Usage as Fertilizer C.2 Usage as an Energy Source C.3 Controlling Pollution with Algae C.4 Algae as Nutrition C.5 Other Uses  D. Looking at Basic Biological Hydrogen Production by Algae D.1 Introduction D.2 Historical Background D.3 Timeline of Developments D.4 Design Issues related to the Bioreactor D.5 Ongoing Research & Economics of Biological Hydrogen Production  E. Algae & Humans  F. Applications of Algae for Transport & Power Generation  G. Producing Fuel from Algae G.1 Introduction G.2 Basics of Fuel Production from Algae G.3 Advantages of Algae-based Fuel Production G.4 Challenges Facing the Industry G.5 Emerging Players in the Market G.6 Methods to Improve Yield  H. Looking at the Technology Involved H.1 Looking at the Biological Concepts H.2 Producing the Algae H.3 Options for Fuel Production  I. Integrated Biodiesel Production for Microalgae  J. Production of Microalgal Biomass  K. Direct Liquefaction of Algae for Biodiesel Production  L. Why Use Microalgae - Benefits for the United States L.1 Introduction L.2 Energy Security L.3 Dealing with Climate Change L.4 Coal & Microalgae L.5 No Requirement for Land  I. Are Algae Biofuels the Future? I.1 Introduction I.2 Looking at Global Biodiesel Production I.3 R&D into Algal-Oil Production for Biodiesel Purposes I.4 Sequestration of CO2 through Algae Cultivation Plants I.5 Challenges Facing Conventional Biodiesel Production I.6 Conclusion  J. Analyzing the Economics of Producing Microalgae & Biodiesel Processing J.1 Introduction J.2 Looking at Microalgae J.3 R&D on the Usage of Microalgae J.4 Cultivating Microalgae as a Business J.5 Conclusion  K. Fuel from Algae - At What Cost?  L. Case Study: Deriving Jet Fuel from Algal Lipids  M. Case Study: Algae Driving the Maalaea Power Plant  N. Commercialization Outlook for Algae  O. Leading Industry Contributors O.1 Fuel:Bio O.2 AlgaeLink O.3 GS CleanTech O.4 GreenFuel Technologies O.5 PetroAlgae O.6 Solix Biofuels O.7 LiveFuels O.8 Infinifuel O.9 Algae Biofuels O.10 Energy Farms  P. Appendix  Q. Glossary of Terms  Companies Mentioned:  - Fuel:Bio - AlgaeLink - GS CleanTech - GreenFuel Technologies - PetroAlgae - Solix Biofuels - LiveFuels - Infinifuel - Algae Biofuels - Energy Farms 

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