September 30, 2008

Turkmen Opposition Reports on Fuel Shortage Cases

Excerpt from report by Turkmen opposition website on 29 September

There is a lack of petrol in Dasoguz Region [northern Turkmenistan, bordering Uzbekistan].

One can observe long rows of vehicles stretching for hundreds of metres at filling stations an apparent paradox for a country with rich oil resources.

Car owners and drivers, standing in queues for hours, sometimes engage in discussions. Some of them accuse authorities of making allegedly false reports on the annual production of up to eight million tonnes of crude oil while others believe that someone is creating an artificial shortage of fuel to discredit the authorities in the eyes of the population.

So far, problems with petrol supplies have emerged only in Dasoguz Region whereas residents of Ahal, Mary and Lebap regions as well as of Balkan Region are not experiencing such problems. The situation was similar in Dasoguz until recent times. However, queues emerged there as senior officials at the main oil terminal there were replaced.

[Passage omitted: minor problems exist in other regions too]

[Author] Meret Babayew

Originally published by website, Vienna, in Russian 29 Sep 08.

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