October 1, 2008

Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation Announces Groundbreaking of New Geothermal Plant

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation will host a groundbreaking ceremony for its first 100-MW geothermal power plant, Shoshone Renaissance, on October 2 at 12 p.m. in Box Elder County, Utah. Prominent international, federal and state officials will be among the many dignitaries that will attend this historic event and cultural celebration for the Shoshone Nation. The general public is invited to attend this celebration.

The "Light Up the Land" program will start at 12 p.m. and feature Native American entertainment including the "Star Flint Dancers," and musical numbers by recording artist Jenny Jordan Frogley. Shoshone tribal elders will bless the site.

A 30-year agreement has been signed with the City of Riverside, California to provide up to 64-MW from the plant, which will supply 20 percent of Riverside's renewable baseload energy. Shoshone Renaissance is a culmination of development efforts between the Tribe, Idatherm, Lotus-Meridian, Shoshone Energy Services, and the Bureau of Interior Indian Affairs Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development.

Geothermal power plants use high temperature fluid from the earth (steam) which turns the blades of a turbine to create electricity. Compared to solar or wind generation which provide intermittent energy sources, geothermal plants are a uniquely suited to deliver baseload (24/7) green energy.

The Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation indigenous area includes Southeastern Idaho, Northern Utah, and parts of neighboring states. This region is renowned for geothermal energy, which the Tribe harnessed for cultural and spiritual functions as well as practical applications like cooking, washing and other domestic purposes.

In 1863 the Northwestern Shoshone suffered the largest massacre in the American West where over 500 men, women and children were killed by federal troops. The Tribe has reacquired the Bear River Massacre site near Preston, Idaho.

Tribal Chairman Bruce Parry sees this project as "renewing and sustaining" the Tribe while delivering "green" energy in a culturally consistent and technically advanced way.

Shoshone Renaissance is wholly-owned by the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation Economic Development Corporation.

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