October 1, 2008

Logan Weighs Seeking Sponsors for New Kidport


Massport is considering corporate sponsorships for an upgraded Kidport in Terminal C at Logan International Airport.

The airport operator is soliciting proposals from design firms to replace the existing 3,000-square-foot kids' play area created by the Boston Children's Museum in 1997.

Officials hope to incorporate educational components that promote various green initiatives at Logan, such as recycling and Terminal A, the first airport terminal in the world to get "Leadership in Environmental Engineering and Design" certification for its sustainable design and construction.

While the current Kidport, which is located before security checkpoints, is geared primarily toward toddlers, the new one will include areas for children ages 3 to 12, according to Leah Teeven, Massport's airport concessions business manager.

"We don't envision any sort of video games or gaming area," she said. "It would be more of an educational play area."

An area for parents to watch their kids and perhaps surf the Web or check their e-mail also is under consideration.

As for the corporate sponsorships, Teeven doesn't think that parents would object to their children being exposed to advertising while playing in the Kidport.

"Massport would manage it, and we would have the right to review and approve anything that went in there," she said. "We have four advertising contracts now, and we literally look at every bit of copy."

Originally published by By DONNA GOODISON.

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