October 4, 2008

Letter: Viewpoints – Labour’s Being Mean to Miners

By Plaid Cymru Councillor Allan Pritchard

THIS Labour Government never fails to amaze me in the way it treats ordinary working class people.

We've had the debacle of the 10p tax abolition. Now the UK Government has said it will fight the legal action for compensation by ex-miners suffering osteoarthritis.

Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks has made it clear to South Wales officials of Nacods that it will not negotiate a settlement but will fight this issue through the courts.

As a former mineworker at Oakdale Colliery and an executive member for Wales on the Coalfield Communities Campaign, I fear the Government's intransigence will lead to many elderly ex-miners dying long before they get any compensation.

I hope before a court hearing later in October that the Government will do the decent thing and agree to negotiate a settlement.

And is it expecting too much for local Labour MPs to speak out in support of crippled ex-miners?

Plaid Cymru Councillor Allan Pritchard, Deputy Leader, Caerphilly County Borough Council

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