October 5, 2008

Flood Message is Good to Hear

With reference to the article, No More Homes (October 2).

I would like to congratulate Tewkesbury borough Councillor Phil Taylor on his clear message at last Tuesday's meeting of Tewkesbury Borough Council.

His message to Secretary of State for Local Government Hazel Blears was slightly more than clear, as well as colourful.

His views are popularly shared in Cheltenham as well as Tewkesbury Borough.

Apart from infringing on green areas of outstanding natural beauty, the proposal, by the Regional Spatial Strategy, is not practical for large scale housing development in this part of the county. Last year the county saw the worst flooding experienced in the UK for many decades. In many parts of the county, such as Tewkesbury and Cheltenham, we suffered greatly in this respect.

Further housing would exacerbate the problem if further floods ever occurred. We couldn't cope with excessive sudden rainfall last year with the existing housing situation.

Last year homes were flooded. How do we know under Government proposals for additional housing that homes will not only be flooded, but even submerged in the event of excessive rainfall.

Are Cheltenham and Tewkesbury boroughs on floodplains ?

I hope both councils incorporate Coun Taylor's sentiments when sending their verdicts to the Secretary of State.

Howard Marshall, St Luke's Road, GL53 7JQ.

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