October 5, 2008

Cleaner Way to Fill Your Tank

If you own a piece of two-stroke garden machinery, just imagine not having to measure out exactly the right amount of oil and then mixing it with petrol.

Long gone are those sticky oil containers making a mess of everything. Just pick up your bottle of Aspen Environmental 2T Petrol and fill up your tank.

Why Apsen?

Unlike normal petrol/oil mixes, Aspen Environmental Petrol does not deteriorate when stored. This means that your machine starts more easily after a prolonged break. For engines often stored for long periods such as chainsaws, blowers, hedgetrimmer and brushcutters, starting problems are just a memory with Aspen Environmental Petrol in your tank.

Aspen is a cleaner type of Petrol that is much better for you, your engine and the environment. The most hazardous substances, such as lead, sulphur and benzene have been completely removed.

There is nothing worse than standing in a cloud of fumes when you are working and it is bad for your health.

Aspen Environmental fuel generates considerably less fumes and odour than normal petrol. Aspen 2T is a ready mixed petrol with two per cent oil for chainsaws, hedgetrimmers, strimmers, brushcutters and so on.

Soot is the enemy of small engines and normal petrol produces a lot of soot. This collects inside your engine and leaves deposits on pistons, valves and spark plugs.

Use Aspen Environmental Petrol instead and your engine will stay much cleaner inside and last a lot longer.

Devon Garden Machinery in Torquay now stock Aspen Environmental Fuel in one and five litres.

Steve Dommett, manager of Devon Garden Machinery, said: "We sell and service a lot of two-stroke equipment and continually experience problems with customers being unsure of the correct mix, which can result in the motor seizing.

Another major problem is short shelf life ordinary unleaded fuel, which, once stale, will prevent engines from starting and in the worst cases result in carburettors needing replacing. Aspen eliminates all these issues, prolongs the life of the machine and makes use much more pleasant for our customers.

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