October 6, 2008

Enel Energia Introduces New Range of E-Light Plans

Italian utility Enel Energia has introduced a new range of e-light plans to increase its focus on offering guaranteed prices to electricity customers.

According to the company, under the e-light plan, which fixes electricity prices for two years, prices have not changed following the recent increase in regulated rates, remaining at their launch level of E0.09 per kWh for the energy component.

Under the e-light bioraria plan, the cost of the energy component per kWh is E0.07 during the low-cost blue time band, which runs from 7pm to 8am from Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and national holidays. During the rest of the day, the orange time band, the price is E0.12.

A two-year guaranteed price for the energy component for gas service is available online with the e-light gas plan, at E0.39 per cubic meter.