October 6, 2008

Fund Irresponsible

THE CHAIR of the Super Fund Board, David May, boasts that the fund invests responsibly and upholds New Zealand's reputation as a good global citizen.

It is impossible to reconcile this claim with the Super Fund investments in the US Corporation, Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold and its joint venture partner, Rio Tinto Inc.

The four-decade operation of the Freeport McMoran open pit copper and gold mine in Indonesian-controlled West Papua has caused untold suffering to the local people and devastated pristine rainforest, alpine valleys and mangrove estuary. Freeport makes direct payments to the Indonesian military for protection despite the military's black record of repressing local opposition by force and fostering inter-communal conflict.

Freeport has already poured more than a billion tons of tailings sludge directly into the local rivers.

Maire Leadbeater


(for the Indonesia Human

Rights Committee)

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