October 7, 2008

Trondheim Energi Opens Leirfossene Power Plant

Trondheim Energi has opened the Leirfossene power plant in Sjetnemarka, Trondheim, Norway. The new power plant will produce 193GWh, which will cover the power consumption of approximately 10,000 households.

Leirfossene power plant replaces the two power plants Upper and Lower Leirfoss. The annual production will increase by 30% from 150GWh to 193GWh with the same water flow.

The power plant is located in the mountains west of the river Nidelva, with inlet in the existing reservoir at Ovre Leirfoss in Norway. The water is led through a shaft and tunnel down to the power plant and further along a 1.5km long outlet tunnel. Two smaller aggregates will be installed in the old power plants to utilize the required minimum flow rate of 10 cubic meters in the river between them.

Bjorn Holaas, managing director of Trondheim Energi, said: "In a situation where mid-Norway has a great shortage of power and limited transmission capacity, this will contribute greatly to increasing energy production in this part of the country."