October 7, 2008

Comverge, TransCanada Partner to Offer Energy Management Services

Comverge has partnered with TransCanada Power Marketing, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada, to provide energy management services to reduce energy use and costs.

Comverge will extend additional energy services to TransCanada for its commercial and industrial customers, to help provide energy load reduction and related services.

Together, Comverge and TransCanada will provide various product offerings to reduce energy costs during peak times when the price of energy is high or the electricity grid is congested. In addition, these demand response programs will compensate customers for curtailing load.

William Taylor, TransCanada's vice-president and general manager of Eastern Power, said: "This partnership expands our energy offerings, adds real value for our customers and maximizes our competitive strength. Comverge's demand side technology enables us to provide our customers with the tools they need to achieve significant savings and meet their energy reduction goals."