October 7, 2008

LucidEra Announces Pipeline Insight Fall ’08

LucidEra, the fastest growing business intelligence-as-a-service company, today announced LucidEra Fall '08, a new upgrade to its on-demand analytics platform and applications for sales. LucidEra also announced a new Pipeline Healthcheck service for salesforce.com customers that is guaranteed to immediately identify sales pipeline risks and opportunities for improved business results.

LucidEra Pipeline Insight Fall '08 introduces the ability to create custom calculated metrics on the fly to gain deeper insight into how to hit your company's number. Building on a suite of built-in best practice metrics such as win rates, average sales cycle lengths, and percentages of new business versus repeat business, the calculated metrics give customers new levels of flexibility to identify trends that weren't visible without LucidEra. The new release of Pipeline Insight makes it even easier to increase revenue, reduce pipeline risk, and increase forecast predictability with software as a service (SaaS) business intelligence solutions.

"LucidEra is providing sales management at TriNet with a deep understanding of the key metrics that drive revenue growth," said Mike Triantos, VP of Sales at TriNet, a leading provider of human resources services for more than 2,000 small and medium-sized businesses located throughout the United States and Canada. "The ability to quickly identify pipeline opportunities enables us to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of our sales team."

Of course, even though there are now more analysis capabilities built in to LucidEra's cloud-based solutions, some people still prefer to receive this critical sales information via Excel spreadsheets or PDF documents. LucidEra Pipeline Insight Fall '08 delivers enhanced information sharing capabilities for these users, including one-click export, emailing and scheduled delivery via spreadsheet or PDF, retaining full formatting as well as the descriptive information about the underlying sources, fields, and filters. The Fall '08 release also introduces a number of administration and performance improvements to the SaaS business intelligence platform that powers the Pipeline Insight analytic application.

Today, LucidEra also announced a new 48 Hour Pipeline Healthcheck service for salesforce.com customers that is guaranteed to identify potential risks and opportunities in a company's sales forecast. Taking advantage of the built-in best practices of LucidEra Pipeline Insight, the Pipeline Healthcheck analyzes the health of a company's sales pipeline, sales people, and overall sales process and identifies ways to help increase revenues, decrease pipeline risk, and get more predictable sales results. This new service is focused on helping increase their sales results with existing resources, a necessity during this time of economic turmoil. The service is available immediately and has already identified millions of dollars of opportunities for companies that have used the LucidEra Pipeline Healthcheck.

"Your pipeline is the lifeblood of your company," said Barry Trailer, Managing Partner of CSO Insights. "Historically reporting solutions could only tell you basics such as whether you're hemorrhaging or not. Some of today's newest solutions can deliver much more granular details about your company's blood chemistry -- if you know where and how to look. LucidEra's Pipeline Healthcheck not only provides the ability to do much deeper analysis to identify hidden risk factors in your pipeline, but also provides a process to interpret what it all means and define what you should do about it."

"I'm excited that our customers are gaining such compelling insight in to their business because of the Pipeline Healthcheck and the LucidEra business intelligence solution. The ability to understand the trends in their business, and to receive metric based insight with identifiable actions, is helping companies positively transform their top line results," said Rob Reid, CEO and President of LucidEra. "Being able to take action today and institute best practices right away is how companies become great companies."


LucidEra Pipeline Insight Fall '08 and the 48 Hour Pipeline Healthcheck service are available today. For more information visit www.lucidera.com.

About LucidEra

Founded in 2005, LucidEra was formed to shake up the stagnant business intelligence industry and traditional approaches to corporate information access and analysis by delivering business visibility as an on-demand service. LucidEra's initial business intelligence applications are designed to allow sales and marketing organizations to optimize and improve the lead-to-billing process by allowing managers to easily identify weaknesses and strengths in the sales pipeline, uncover revenue growth opportunities, and compete more effectively with actionable information for improved business results. No More Excuses. No More Surprises. Know More with LucidEra. Visit http://www.lucidera.com or call 1-866-392-8008.