October 7, 2008

‘The Rubicon Memo': Action-Packed New Novel Full of Twists, Turns and Social Commentary

NEW YORK, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Set in a fictional America with a government that seems eerily familiar, "The Rubicon Memo" (published by AuthorHouse -- http://www.authorhouse.com/), the action-packed new novel from Jeramiah Williams, blends social and political commentary with fast-paced storytelling to weave a tale of deception, war and power.

Thurogood Smith is an ambitious State Department planner who uses religion and the war on terrorism as a platform to achieve control of American politics and domestic policy. The son of an evangelical preacher, Thurogood was raised to turn faith into cash. After attending college, where he meets his wife, Amy, Thurogood accepts his first posting with the State Department and travels to Africa.

While in Africa, Thurogood convinces the American military that an Islamic insurgency is taking place there. His claim proves to be a ruse to help American mineral companies obtain access to African mineral rights. He is immensely satisfied with the results, although Amy remains uneasy.

Back in Washington, Thurogood befriends General Lance Stencil from the Pentagon, and together they devise a plan to secure the world's oil fields, deciding to place militant missionaries in politically sensitive areas next to oil basins. When the missionaries run into trouble, the American military will rescue them, taking the opportunity to secure the oil fields.

Thurogood and General Stencil enlist the help of Axel Welch, who works for ACUTE, a firm specializing in mineral and petroleum extraction services. Axel contacts international oil companies who want to maintain control over world petroleum production, and they eagerly supply financing and logistics for the entire operation, setting up a campaign to recruit religious extremists for the project.

The plan goes awry when reactionary forces decide to attack the oil fields, rather than the missionaries, and as the oil supply is threatened, gas prices soar, businesses fail and the American economy heads into a tailspin when religious war comes to the United States. Americans begin to revolt and pandemonium ensues.

Relevant, timely and thought-provoking, "The Rubicon Memo" is sure to keep readers guessing until the very end. Williams has imagined a world in which the government uses fear and religion to control the world's oil supply. Follow the chaos and mayhem in the frenetic pages of "The Rubicon Memo."

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