October 8, 2008

Croatia Airlines Equips Fleet With Lufthansa Systems’s Lido eFlightBag

Croatia Airlines has equipped its fleet with the Lido eFlightBag from Lufthansa Systems, a full-service IT provider for the airline and aviation sector.

The airline is already using IT solutions from Lufthansa Systems for its flight and crew planning, codeshare management, flight operations and passenger handling.

According to Lufthansa Systems, the Lido eFlightBag is a technologically advanced solution and a major step for carriers to achieve a paperless cockpit. It enables Croatia Airlines to replace most of its pilots' paper manuals and other working materials.

The Lido eFlightBag optimizes information processes in the cockpit, easing the crews' work load and improving flight safety. It also helps lower costs by providing current operational data for all calculations, and it eliminates the effort involved in continually updating, printing and distributing paper-based documents.

Miljenko Radic, senior vice president of flight operations at Croatia Airlines, said: "The Lido eFlightBag is a solution which can keep pace with our dynamic growth. We can now increase the efficiency not just in areas like fuel consumption and corporate administration, but in our cockpit processes as well."